Hi, I’m Elliott King

Data Science tickles the empirical part of my brain, but making projects that grow, walk, and run is my true passion.

I am currently volunteering with the Astoria Digital NYC-based aid organization. They provide web development and technical support for local volunteer organizations.

Reach out on LinkedIn or just email me if you are hiring for NYC or remote! I mostly work with Rails, Python, and JS, but I have dabbled in many technologies.


Resume Checker Screenshot

ATS Resume Checker

Looks through your resume and job description for shared keywords.

Bill Tracker Screenshot

NYS Bill Tracker

Search through current NYS Senate bills. Collaboration for Astoria Digital volunteer organization.

Adversity Job Board Screenshot

Adversity Job Board

A job board for when you want your applicants to REALLY work for it.

Screenshot of Creepy Tracker

Creepy Tracker

A website that builds a simple fingerprint for your browser. If you are interested in browser fingerprinting, I also wrote an introduction.

Freedom JS


An app for nearby free events.

Drawful 1.5

Drawful 1.5

A fun little clone of Drawful. You can play with up to six players.

Screenshot of r/kanye analyzer

R/Kanye Comment Analyzer

Use natural language processing to learn who is ‘wavy’ - according to reddit.com/r/kanye.