Understanding API Pagination

4 minute read

Any JSON API that holds a large list of data will give it to you through pagination. Returning ten million items at once will take a very long time. Instead ...

Improving your Website Preview Cards on LinkedIn

2 minute read

LinkedIn has a nice feature of “unfurling” links. When you add a URL in a post or your “featured” profile section, LinkedIn will show a small preview of the ...

Hooking Git

3 minute read

Hooks are an amazingly useful feature of git. Once your repository gets to a medium size, you may want to make a few quick checks whenever you commit. For ex...

Dynamic Programming

4 minute read

An introduction to dynamic programming. This is one of the final concepts for basic algorithms.

An Opinionated Primer to Visual Studio Code

4 minute read

Visual Studio Code has a LOT of features, shortcuts, and tools. I am going to take a look at what I learned first, what I think is most useful, and my way to...

An Introduction to Multithreading

3 minute read

An introduction to the idea of multithreading. First we will talk about reasons for concurrency, then we will give examples.

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